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The specialist in personnel services.

In order to facilitate various staff matters in various sectors, we work from different labels. These labels specialise in a specific branch of the HR service provision, which means we are able to flexibly respond to the needs of our clients.

Our labels are based on a close mutual collaboration, so we can offer the full service of the Alertec Group.

Do great work
with great people

Flexibility of work takes many forms. This may be a temporary worker as a temporary replacement in the event of illness or for the reception of work spikes, the outsourcing of a long-term project or the secondment of a professional.

Working at the
Alertec Group

Do you want to work at Alertec? Which can. We are always looking for starters and professionals for our branches in the country or our headquarters.

And that's why you choose us ...

We understand that a good match is often more than just a connecting profile. We listen to the personal wishes of our clients and job seekers. At Alertec we have short lines of communication, so we can switch quickly and make decisions.

The specialist

in personnel services!